Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tips to clear UGC-NET Examination


I am putting forward some tips for UGC-NET examination, these tips if implemented can help you to clear  your NET examination.

These tips are applicable for all subjects and are not confined to Management only.

1.GOAL: clearing UGC-NET examination should be  one of the goals  that you have to achieve in your life with an expiry date. While prioritizing your goals , you should keep this goal  on the top of the list, so that you can remind yourself that clearing net examination is utmost important for you.

2.STOP PROCRASTINATION: usually students make goals but then they do not work on those goals. It is the natural tendency that  we  say  we will start from tomorrow and tomorrow never comes. So, never procrastinate and start working from today onwards.

3.CONFIDENCE: then be firm that you can clear the examination. Most of the students prepare for the examination but they do think that they can clear the examination or they have fear of competition. So, from today onwards remove this fear and tell yourself that you can clear the examination. If you have fear that there are so many competitors than tell yourself than you are the toughest competitor of all.

4.COLLECTION OF SYLLABUS: now you should download and get the print of syllabus of your subject from the website. Remember do take print out of it and keep it with you. You have to use it for daily check and preparation. You also have to check whether you are moving forward or not.

5.STUDY MATERIAL: now search the best books  on different subjects, choose any one for each subject and collect them . Remember don't change your books from time to time and spend good time for selection of books. You can also ask your friends, colleagues or teachers or any expert in that area. you can also  mail me or comment on the article that these are subject areas and within 24 hours you will be provided with the list of best books on those areas.

6. SCHEDULE: now prepare a schedule for the study according to the time available to you. Make a schedule in such a way that you can cover mostly subjects. In starting  you can choose your favorite subjects first and once  you are imbibe  with the habit of studying on daily basis then you can start taking those subjects that you don't like.

7.DAILY PRACTICE: preparation should be a part of daily schedule and after every week access yourself  by  practicing mock test. There are various websites available from which you can do the practice. For management you can refer this website also.

8. REMINDER: keep reminder for yourself that you have to clear the exam. You can keep reminder by following ways like reminder in mobile phone, you can put some picture in your room and Wash room and even you can take a printout in bold letter I CAN CLEAR UGC- NET EXAMINATION or I HAVE TO CLEAR UGC- NET EXAMINATION this time only; put this printout in a frame and keep it near you. So, that it can remind you again and again that you have to clear the exam.

9. REVISION: It is one of the most important element for clearing the net. whatever you have studied so far must be revise at least 2 times before the examination. Which will boost your confidence and increase the chance of cracking NET.

I hope these tips must work for you to clear the  UGC-NET examination.
Any other suggestions and feedback are welcome to make this article more better and helpful.

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  1. Sir plz guide me about commerce subject. Plz provide me some notes n tips for commerce paper .and also 1st paper I am finding problem in maths portion in1st paper plz I need ur guidance. Thanku

  2. I want to appear for UGC-NET 2014 in Human Resource as my main subjects. Can you please help me with the books and syllabus. i will be highly obliged for your reply.

  3. I need your help to clear UGC-NET 2014 in management. Pls provide me notes as well as with the books & syllabus. Will b greatly thankul for giving me guidance.

  4. I am preparing for Jun 2015 UGC NET Managment. Kindly let me know the core management books and authors to be followed for all the 10 units mentioned in the syllabus. Is Trueman's series useful?

  5. I am preparing for Jun 2015 UGC NET Managment. Kindly let me know the core management books and authors to be followed for all the 10 units mentioned in the syllabus. Is Trueman's series useful?

  6. Thank you for posting examniation clear tips for ugc net paper1