Monday, March 24, 2014

Marketing Management MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Q 1. Which of the following is an intangible value?
a. functional value
b. belief value
c. convenience value
d. economic value

Q 2. Identify the odd one out.
a. service value
b. social value
c. sentiment value
d. status value

Q 3. Which of the following does not constitute culture?
a. religion
b. language
c. education and upbringing
d. None of these

Q 4. Social Class belongs to _______
a.  Demographic Environment
b. Government policies
c. Socio-Cultural Environment
d. Economic Environment

Q 5. Which of the following issue should be handled by strategic planning?
a.  Developing course of action
b. objectives
c.  mission
d. all of these

Q 6. Identify the odd one out:
a. Stars
b. Cash
c. Dogs
d. Question Marks

Q 7. According to GE model what are the two main factors company uses to rate its different businesses for performing strategic planning?
a. industry attractiveness and company business strength
b. industry attractiveness and industry growth
c. industry growth and company relative market share
d. industry growth and company business strength

Q 8. According to BCG stars are categorized as:
a. High market share & low industry growth
b. High industry growth & low market share
c. Low industry growth and low market share
d. None of these

Q 9. O-T Profile of a business means
a. Opponent- Threat
b. Opportunity-Threat
c. Operant- Threat
d. Over and Above Technology

Q 10. Which of the following is not a product motive?
a.  Operational
b.  Socio-Psychological
c.  Patronage
d.  None of these

Q 11. High-Priced Dresses are example of :
a. Convenience goods
b. Shopping goods
c. Speciality goods
d. Unsought goods

Q 12: Shoes and clothes are example of :
a. Convenience goods
b. Shopping goods
c. Speciality goods
d. Unsought goods

Q 13 Which of the following is not an advantage of Online marketing?
a. Varied options
b. Customization
c.  Convenience
d. None of these

Q 14 Which of the following are the features of 'challenge the cost' approach.
a.  Firstly price fixation
b.  Working backward
c.  Challenging cost
d.  All of these

Q 15 Getting a free space in media is associated with........
a. Advertising
b. Publicity
c. Direct Marketing
d. Personal selling

The value views of the viewers will be highly appreciated.

2:a       (the differentiation of  customer value is done on the basis of tangible and intangible value.)
10: c
11: c
12: b